Sunday, April 3, 2016

Asparagus Souffle

Here again I find myself beating egg whites! This evening I was about to start reheating dinner (leftover Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes) when I caught on TV Jacques Pepin whipping up a broccoli soufflé. I watched him beat by HAND 5 whites in about 1 min. Using a copper bowl - so that is all I need to make this an easy task! That and a little wrist action and pow - he had stiff egg whites! Well, I didn't run out and buy a bowl; but now it's on the list. I did however make a soufflé - and it was pretty easy I have to admit - about 45 min later I was ready to pop it in the oven - that does not include dishwashing time - as this made a sink-full!

 But as I had fresh eggs and fresh asparagus from the farmer's market today (Windsor opens before Healdsburg) I figured what the hell? This is a recipe from The Silver Palate - remember that one from the 80's? Ahhh, the smell of Chicken Marbella - I couldn't walk into a party without smelling it - don't get me wrong - I LOVE it - in fact it's been awhile so that one definitely needs a turn in the rotation - anyway I'm not going to write that recipe out here - if you don't already have The Silver Palate Cookbook - the original - go find it! I must confess I own 2. And no that doesn't include my other cookbooks by Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins - I have 2 because one day my friend Jen and I happened to go into Sur La Table at the SF Ferry Building and there they both were with a NEW version with PHOTOS - very exciting! So I got one signed thinking I would give it as a gift to someone - and that never happened. The other day trying to "clean" out my cookbook collection (to make room for more of course) I looked at both of them and thought - well, I should finally use the pretty picture one and get rid of the old ratty one - but I couldn't bring myself to do it - too many old notes and drips - I guess I'm just sentimental that way. But I would consider loaning it out ; )

Ready to bake
The AHHHH Gorgeous moment!

Needless to say - it was as tasty as it looked - light and fresh with lovely little crunchy parts from the parmesan. I'm already thinking about the leftovers for breakfast tomorrow…