Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Farmer's Market opens in Healdsburg this Saturday!

YEAH! I'm so excited to finally, after the cold, wet winter months have the Healdsburg Farmer's Market back! I can't wait to go and see all the farmers and what they have growing - and bring home bags full of fresh veggies, eggs, flowers and lots more! So meet me at Shed at 8:30 for a cappuccino and scone and then a stroll around the market! Some of you may already know but I was asked to join the HCFM board last year as their Community Rep - so along with getting to voice my opinion -ahem - I also got invited to their Holiday Party - this year held at Shed - it was a wonderful pot luck dinner; as you can imagine all great food. It reminded me of when I was a kid and went with my mom after church to the pot lucks - that is only thing I do miss about church- those big tables laden with homemade cakes and desserts galore! This night I was too busy socializing and eating to get a shot of the table with all the dishes before it was attacked by hungry farmers -You will just have to imagine all the lovely food that filled those bowls - I'll try to get some better shots at the Mid-summer dinner
 ; ) So come out and support your local Farmers!

Healdsburg Farmer's Market Starts Saturday May 7

The farmers of Healdsburg and the local region are proud to be peddling their produce at the Market's seasonal opening Saturday, May 7, from 9:00 to noon. The Market will be located in its usual spot in the North Street parking lot behind the Bear Republic and Hotel Healdsburg, and across from Shed. 

But this is not a usual year. There's been plenty of rain to ripen the rutabaga, but no flooding to drench the daisies. Look for the goodness of early spring: leeks, green garlic, kale, carrots, lettuce, chard, arugula, strawberries, flowers and more. 

So much more than vegetables is the flowering of community at the Market. Here you will meet your neighbors and friends to share stories around eating. Like a high school reunion you'll forget names, but say hi again to the folks who work so hard to grow your food. There's Yael Bernier, Emmett Hopkins, David Pew, Ed Miller, Lou Preston, Mat Humphrey, Renee Kiff, Mary and Bert, Joan and Horace, Stan and Terri, Jim Neufield, Duncan the mushroom guy, Sharon Vyborny, Russ Messing, Dan Magnusen, Sam who carries forward Nancy's spirit for Middleton Farm,  Manuel Reyes, the Basurtos and the Busalacchis. Hey, a hug is even better. 

In a class of his own there is Alan Podesto, the Cloverdale guy who makes the ceramic dishes that make your food taste even better. And look for the new farms that are popping up like dandelions in the spring. Our Market welcomes Noci Sonoma and Porter Creek Farm this year, and there will be more.

Organic and sustainable are the new normal; many of our farmers are certified and all are healthy and wholesome.  Grass-fed is hot and it's at your market too. Say howdy to local ranchers Deb Owens and John Ford, visit boutique butcher Sonoma Meat Company, sample cheeses from West County and Mendocino, and rustle up a herd of seafood from Bodega. And enjoy the buzz of Hector's Honey with our friend Sandra.
Hungry at the Market? Try fried chicken biscuits from Backyard Restaurant, market veggies in a wrap from Green Grocer's Taco Farm, bag a baguette from Costeaux Bakery, or just munch your way from stand to stand while jiving to the bluegrass tunes of The Foggy Mountain Boys on opening day.

What better way to start your weekend? The Healdsburg Farmer's Market is in your town; it IS your town. Bring the family; become a part of it.

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