Saturday, September 17, 2016

Goodbye to Mexico - see you again soon!

On our only full day in Zihuatanejo I asked our hotel clerk about a cooking class and he gave me the name of two lovely ladies - both called Ita (mother and daughter) and when I arrived at their little restaurant mama Ita put a basket in my arms and marched us off to the mercado where we shopped for our meal - It was great to be able to go there with her - she speaks English much better than my Spanish and everywhere we went I was asking her "? como se dice..." especially about the wide variety of fruits that I had never seen before - They had Nanche and some other spiky one called rambutan... but the hilarious one was when I asked about the name for a zucchini and she said "Succhini?" and I said - no en espanol? "oh - calabacin!" we laughed as I said - I know what a zucchini looks like - just not the word in Spanish! Anyway - her lovely talented daughter Ita then proceeded to show me how to make a tomato tomatillo salad, a traditional ceviche with marlin and a chili relleno with a creamy white sauce made out of pecans, almonds, cinnamon and Philly Cream Cheese - now that was funny too as she asked me "do you know what this is?" I laughed and said - "Do YOU know what this is?" Philadelphia is in the US! Anyway - it was super fun and delicious. Que Rico! And she even taught me how to say  "no me gusta cilantro!" Richard showed up at the end of our class and got to share the meal with me - thank you so much to the two Itas! I will be back.
Lovely ladies Itas
Chili Relleno

Just another day at the beach
Now as for this below - I don't know what it is about ham sandwiches - but we were stuck in the airport on our way home - flight delayed and the airport personnel passed out these ham sandwiches to all the passengers on our way to our airplane... which cracked me up because when we got stuck in Argentina that was the only thing they gave us there for 8 hours! "not another fucking ham sandwich!"

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