Saturday, September 10, 2016

Part 2 Zihuatanejo - more than just a Shawshank reference!

Our next stop was Zihuatanejo - and yes the only time I had ever heard of it before was from the movie Shawshank Redemption - which is tragic because the place is beautiful! We stayed in an awesome hotel on a cliff right above the beach called Hotel Aura del Mar and I will be going back! The restaurant on the beach called Bistro del Mar was amazing - if a little fancier than our last place - but not too fancy which is good. This was Richard's first night's dinner - Polpo - or Octopus - it was so tender and sweet - cooked in paprika with some potatoes underneath.
Polpo for dinner
View from our balcony!
Finally a cappuccino and bread!
We laughed so hard when they brought us bread for breakfast the next day since it had been 5 days since we had any bread (only tortillas in La Saladita) and a cappuccino - which was my first coffee in 5 days! Breadlessness aside - I LOVE a good Mexican breakfast and these Huevos divorciados are my new favorites - translation Divorced Eggs - 2 eggs on top of tortillas one with a red sauce and the other a green tomatillo sauce - LOVE the Divorciados - don't even have to get a divorce to enjoy them ; 0 going to have to find my favorite recipe for this...

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