Monday, July 31, 2017

Chili Relleno - Deconstructed and Easy!

Well - you know it's my policy to never post a long difficult recipe - mostly because I hate to fool with typing it all up - I mean it's hard enough to cook some things without then having to translate into a recipe - so instead of giving you my chili relleno recipe - which is basically from Diana Kennedy's The Art of Mexican Cooking (I highly recommend this book!) - I decided to take the easy way out and make the extras into a frittata!

Deconstructed Chili Relleno Frittata serves 4

1/2 pound potatoes
1/2 pound mexican chorizo - buy a good one from your butcher as quality varies- if you live in Healdsburg buy Franco's from the farmer's market!
2 fresh ancho or poblano peppers
6 eggs

Cut the potatoes into cubes and boil in water for about 15 min or until tender - drain and set aside. In a large pan fry the chorizo until cooked and then add the potatoes to brown a bit, set aside.  Grill the peppers until blackened then steam in a bag and peel off the skin, remove seeds and chop (you could just chop them up and cook with the chorizo, but they are better peeled). Beat the eggs and add the peppers and the chorizo potato mixture. Then in the wiped clean pan but a little oil then pour in the mixture. I let it cook and bubble for a few min until browned slightly on the bottom and then finish off under the broiler. Or if you aren't feeling the frittata - you can just scramble the whole thing up in the pan. Serve with tortillas, hot sauce and avocados - leftover beans if you have them!

6 prepped for the actual whole enchilada! (I mean chili relleno) with leftovers for frittata
TA DA - the chili relleno with warmed salsa,  black beans and corn and rice casserole

Leftover fixins made into a frittata - much easier than the original!
Post Note - I even had a little of the real batter for the rellenos that I saved (it's just eggs!) and mixed into my eggs the next day - waste not want not!
Also here is the rice casserole.

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