Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Gluten Free Banana Bread

OK, now that I've said that - this was not supposed to be gluten free - and I would not recommend doing it this way - I'm sure there are plenty of recipes out there that use some gluten free flour substitute - this is not it. It was a mistake made by a dear friend - she was merrily baking from this recipe below and the first time (oh yes, there was a 2nd attempt) she thought something had gone wrong with maybe the baking powder as when she mixed it all together it separated... and then when baked it resembled something kind of eggy with a hint of hockey puck - or if you eat those kind of fruit bars that are rather dense you may get an idea of how it turned out. Then she gamely tried making it again - I mean she is not one to let a little recipe problem keep her from using those on-sale overripe-bananas! But alas - the 2nd batch turned out the same way! What on earth could be going wrong?? Well, do you see the little note to the side that mentions 1 2/3 c. flour?  I guess she should have circled that on the paper too - as both times she made them she forgot to put in the flour! Oh well - good thing she has a teenage son who will eat anything! So go buy some ripe bananas and make this. Or I assume this is tasty when it does have some gluten added ; )
Love you Sarah for sharing!

Post Note: couple other things I just love about this handwritten recipe...
1. Nanas
2. why are some things circled? Looks like flour needs a highlighter - thank goodness butter got circled or this really would have been a disaster!
3. artistic curved arrow instructions to rotate 1/2 way through baking - for an hour? Guessing these little pucks didn't get baked that long - I'm assuming that is a loaf time - but still longer than I would go!
4. Seriously - Nanas! nanananabooboo!

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