Thursday, November 22, 2018

THANKFUL! Half year catchup.

Wow - it's been a year. I haven't gone this long without blogging since I started 7/27/2009! That means this July it will have been 10 years - that's crazy! I'm a little sad that so much time has gone by since my last post - but I've been busy working at my paying job (bookkeeper) and loving our new town (actually not so new as it's been 8 years since we moved to lovely little Healdsburg - and oh how it's changed!) and enjoying all our new friendships! That being said I couldn't let a Thanksgiving go by without putting something down and while my sausage bread is rising on the counter I thought I would do a little catch up on the year - this really is to remind me of what an amazing life we live and how totally grateful I am for it. So read along if you like and let me know in a comment if you do. Wishing you and your family, friends, neighbors a wonderful holiday season. Not to mention all those poor people who have lost their homes this year in our terrible fires. Yes, we are very lucky and grateful for our life. Enjoy every moment!

January 2018 - what did I do? Just worked is all I remember at this point - it's the most difficult month for a bookkeeper with all the 1099's W2's and clients clambering to get their tax info ready... so that month is shot! Then of course it's my birthday month next - on my bday we had lunch at Della Fattoria and then a lovely hike in the sunshine in Sebastopol. Then middle of Feb I took the new SMART train down to the ferry and had lunch at Slanted Door with girlfriends Sarah, Paula, Lisa and Karin for a belated bday..Then baked a cake for Karin's bday... March rolls in and Sarah Eger came to visit from her school time in Japan and of course we had a wonderful time together, even celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary! 
Had a lovely Easter at Bill's house with the Healdsburg girls and a bubble blowing lady! April started with Jen moving into her new house in San Rafael -yeah closer to me and a pool! End of April there is the annual (my 9th!) Passport to Dry Creek that I volunteered at Mauritson with my friend Caroline. And then comes May - we did a ton! The SF Designer's Showcase house tour with Barb, Annie and Caroline
Then the Healdsburg FFA Parade - actually did a dance routine with the HOBO's. Next Memorial Day weekend in SF for a concert by Midtown Social
for Sarah Wardell's bday (I do love a good bday celebration!)
Then June starts and so does Tuesday Music in the Plaza - so much fun with the twins this year - we only missed 2 weeks of the whole summer! 
Then July 4th rolled around and I did the Piper Street party with Mau, Jordy, Karin and Zu -what a blast!
Next day we flew to Paris for vacation - first stop Normandy - so amazing if you get the chance GO! Then on to Brittany to celebrate Jen's 50th with her whole family - BEST Trip to Europe EVER! (if I get a minute, I'll do a whole new post about it!)
WHEW! And this is just through July - I've decided to stop there - I'll pick this up again tomorrow as my sausage bread is done and I'm hungry! Love to you all and have a wonderful Turkey day! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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