Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cooking Guidelines...

I realize that I don't really give exacting instructions in my recipe posts; so I thought I would just include here this list of general guidelines for cooking that I have learned over the years. Notice I didn't say rules! I'll add more as I think of them...

Use unsalted butter - it's usually better quality and you can control the amount of salt added to your recipe.

Heat up your empty pan before you put in any oil, that makes your food less likely to stick.

Unless noted I use unbleached all purpose flour and large eggs.

When baking it really does make a difference to have your butter and eggs at room temp.

When baking, always check at least 5 or 10 min. before the time it is supposed to be done. Every oven is different, and I have a convection, so mine is always done sooner. Also - when in doubt of a temperature, use 350 degrees.

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