Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Berries that taste like they've been spiked

I forgot to take a picture as a whole, so this was my little leftover bite warmed up with some vanilla ice cream. This was an amazing Berry Cobbler that I made the night we had our friends over for Salmon Nicoise. I used blackberries from Glashoff Farms at the farmer's market. They were so sweet, they tasted like liquor. They call it a spoon cake, and it really reminded me of a pudding cake. The batter mixes in with the berries and is just delicious. I reduced the amount of sugar in the berries by half as they were sweet enough turkish (movie reference!) Serve it warm with some good vanilla ice cream and you'll be in heaven!
Post Note: I decided I had to make this again with peaches and a few blackberries sprinkled on top - I love this recipe!
And - got the picture!

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