Sunday, March 25, 2012

Corned beef hash leftovers

 As you might know I love leftovers - especially when they get reinvented! Last weekend for St. Patty's day we had Bob & Patricia (neighbors) over for dinner and I made the quintessential Corned Beef and Cabbage. Now, to be honest this is not my favorite dish. To me it's just boiled beef with some potatoes. Although with my sauces (horseradish and mustard) it does taste pretty damn good but having it the next day fried up so it's all crispy and browned with an egg on top is the real deal. Look at the colors - in with my boiled beef I had rutabagas, turnips, these gorgeous purple and orange carrots and of course some new potatoes and little baby heads of cabbage. I took all these leftovers, chopped them up with the pretty pink beef and fried it up in a little butter. Once it gets all crispy and crunchy I pour in a couple tablespoons of cream and let it absorb that then top with a fried egg. I had to have a little of my horseradish sauce on the side which at first I wasn't sure would be so great with the egg but it was good, every other bite with a bit of ketchup - the bad news being I'm out of my homemade and had to do the bright red bottled stuff - oh well, tomato season will be upon us soon and I can stock up again!
I can tell you don't wait until next Patty's day to make this! A Rueben is good anytime too - except for maybe on an airplane - but that's another story!

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