Monday, October 8, 2012

Foodie dream...

Jamie Oliver took me to a big dinner in Asia somewhere -it was very crowded and we were served big bowls of god knows what, lots of veggies, about 6 of us at our table - elbow to elbow, shoulder to shoulder, sharing chairs. The utensils were plastic forks curled up or a metal fork chopped off so it had half the tines. Instead we all ate with our hands. I couldn't tell you one thing we were eating; I just remember thinking it was the most amazing thing I had ever tasted. At the end Charles Phan came out and asked if we wanted something sweet - so I'm guessing we were in Vietnam. He proceeded to mix up some beans in a drawer at the end of our table and we all tasted. At this point I remember thinking - this place doesn't seem so clean. I ate anything and everything anyway. Our check was about $20 each - I left $90.   I remember thinking it was the most amazing, exquisite meal of my life. I've always said I'll try anything a good chef makes.  After our meal we started walking around to other tables asking to try their food by nodding a question of permission at them. They all nodded back and we continued to gorge. Even after all that food, I didn't feel full - I just didn't want this experience to stop - too bad that's not how it works in real life!

I'm thinking this dream stemmed from my first and probably last dining experience at Cyrus since they are closing at the end of the month.  I went with Adriana and we were given some odd foods that we didn't really know what they were but ate them and they were delicious. I was telling the bartender he should go to the Slanted Door since he's moving to the city.  Our meal at Cyrus was really special - a meal you want to experience but not something I would want to eat very often. I started the night with their specialty cocktail - a Manhattan so needless to say, I was a bit high for the rest of the meal. I cracked Adriana up when I said "they foam the shit out of everything" In other words - it's fancy food. Tonight I'm making a Jamie inspired dinner.  I'm not sure what this dream means - other than I guess I'm a foodie - whatever that means!
Cauliflower dreaming of being a flower. 

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