Friday, April 19, 2013

Surfing Cardon!

Our next stop was about 60 kilometers north to Cardon Surf Resort - and let me first say this was no surf "camp" - it was a Resort! Only 8 rooms all with views of the surf break. When Richard first said he wanted to go on a surf vacation I said fine - but no camp. Cardon met all my wishes and more! I really couldn't have wished for better rooms, pool and the food! Every day they made fresh tortillas, guacamole and salsa - and a special bowl for Rich and I since we hate cilantro! That's right - SeƱor Ricardo e esposa sin cilantro! Love it!! We all ate breakfast, lunch and dinner together every day at this huge table and it was amazing! We started off as a bunch of strangers with a love of surfing and ended up friends. Ok, I'm not a surfer but I do know the language, dude.
Richard's first day of surf

Guacamole everyday!
 Can I just share with you my favorite meal? Breakfast or Desayuno! Eggs any way you like then served with fresh hot tortillas, beans and salsa. And how about some chilaquiles? - which are crispy tortillas in a spicy tomato sauce - don't forget the fresh avocado! If only I could get this served to me every morning...
Desayuno - my favorite meal. 

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