Sunday, June 8, 2014

Salad Days

Oh yeah, it's hot alright - so it's Salad Day! I had a few different salads available so I just loaded up our plates for a lovely little lunch - with a few extra treats!

Grilled Figs
 First I did some grilled figs - salty, creamy and sweet. Very easy to do -just cut ripe but firm figs in half then a dollop of chèvre (my favorite for this is Redwood Hill green peppercorn) then wrap a small piece of prosciutto -and grill goat cheese up until crispy and warm - warning these are hot little pockets so let them cool a bit as hot fig juices can burn!

Next came our salad sampler - an oldie but a goodie is my pineapple carrot salad which I added a tiny bit of fresh chopped mint then one of my other favorites is avocado, corn jicama salad - yum!  Then I had some leftover roasted chicken so I cut it up and added a bit of mayo and a dash of curry powder and some cashews I happen to have in the pantry. Last but not least I had sautéed some wild mushrooms so I toasted some of Friday's walnut loaf and topped it with those. Needless to say it was a good lunch - outside under the umbrella - refreshing.
Buttermilk Pie with strawberries
Oh, I left a little something out - Buttermilk Pie - boy I love those yellow eggs - makes everything look amazing not to mention taste! Custardy deliciousness!

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